New blog

i don’t need to test with this anymore, i have made my definitive blog

you can find it >>HERE<<

after eastern i will delete this one

thanks for passing by

see you in the new blog my lovelys


If you are…

…bored, there is always something in the net that can entertain you.

And this is why i came today, to addict you all to this cuteness of flash games   >>HERE<<

Long time ago i found the “Winter bells” game and get addicted to it, recently in a boredom moment i searched it to play again and discovered a full page with this addictive flash games. Also the desing is very clean and cute, giving to them a nice atmosphere and the simplicity of the games is what make them more addictive.

You can also compete with friends to see which get highest scores.


Have a nice day my lovelies ^^~<3

New in blog live

Hi people, i’m new here and practising for my future real blog.

I will use this as a test to made my real blog and know how wordpress works, so at the moment you can visit me at my underconstruction web page or in my Deviant Art

++ S w e e t b u n n y ++
by ~wind-hime-kaze

See you all

=^^= =^^= =^^=